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Track your Assets, anywhere at anytime

Get Real time information on the Location and Utilization of Vehicles, Equipment and Assets.


Get Real time information on the Location and Utilization of Vehicles, Equipment and Assets.

With over 30,000 assets currently being actively monitored on our system, we have positioned ourselves as one of the largest, local providers of such a service in East, Central and Horn of Africa.

BlueTrax, combines easy to use software with globally tested asset monitoring units that use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and an array of local and global communication channels, to provide an effective Advanced Tracking and Fleet Management Solution.

Increase your operational efficiency up to 95%

Our support is available round the clock.

Our Asset Tracking Solutions

We use space –time technology to show the actual location of a mobile asset in real time using GPS and Satellite. Monitor your assets, anywhere, anytime
Vehicle fuel costs can be as high as a third of the cost of running a fleet. Having accurate fuel monitoring systems is one of the main ways to reduce operating costs...
Your drivers are constantly on the move, and it’s crucial to have an easy way to track their day-to-day productivity. Integrating a telematics device into your driver management..
We are provide electronic cargo tracking system for monitoring of transit cargo. also provides services for export. Our Cargo Tracking..
Uncover new ways to monitor driver behavior with In-Vehicle Cameras and and how they can improve the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your...
We offer the best Digital Speed Limiters in the Industry. We are committed to offering simple but reliable solutions operated across multiple support

Geolocation technology for businesses on the move

Get full fleet visibility

Manage your vehicles,, drivers and other movable assets with our fleet management and tracking system.

Maximize utilization

Maximize vehicle uptime and save money with constant maintenance and performance reporting.

Increase productivity

Trace past performances, track present orders, and predict future operational needs.

Protect your Assets

Prevent theft and stop misuse of your assets with geofence alerts and accurate GPS fleet tracking.