Rivercross Tracking ltd

Repossession and Recovery

This is a service that deploys security personnel/recovery team to vehicles under distress e.g. theft or intentional unauthorized diversion, or  under loan

Swift Action in Distress Situations

This service primarily focused on retrieving assets under specific situations. This includes vehicles stolen assets, intentionally diverted without authorization, or are part of a loan agreement where payments have defaulted. Security personnel or a specialized recovery team is deployed to locate, repossess, and safely recover these assets.

We work in compliance with legal regulations and often collaborate with law enforcement to retrieve assets, ensuring the safety of all involved parties. The primary objective is to recover the assets efficiently while minimizing potential risks or conflicts.


We understand the challenges associated with distress situations involving assets, especially vehicles. Our Repossession and Recovery service is designed to swiftly and effectively handle cases of asset distress, including theft, unauthorized diversion, or situations involving loans and defaulted payments.

Why Choose Us

    • Prompt Action: Our rapid response team acts swiftly to recover assets, minimizing potential losses.
    • Legal Integrity: We prioritize legal compliance and ensure all actions are conducted within the scope of the law.
    • Professionalism: Our team handles each case with utmost professionalism and sensitivity to the situation.
    • Efficient Recovery: With a focus on both speed and safety, we aim for efficient and secure asset retrieval.