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The supply chain continues to become more difficult, making effective fleet management and logistics management increasingly important. Unfortunately, the management systems businesses have in place don’t always provide the level of visibility and automation they need once a vehicle leaves a warehouse with a delivery.

Transport Management System is designed to track the entire end-to-end supply chain of a business, to manage transportation planning and operations. TMS is primarily used by businesses that distribute and receive goods on a regular basis, such as manufacturers and distributors, ecommerce and retail businesses and logistics service providers. It streamlines and automates

the process from planning to dispatch capabilities and invoicing.

With integration of GPS tracking into TMS, businesses can monitor the movement of goods, in near real time, from origin all the way to the final destination and end consumer. This visibility reduces the manual processes and unnecessary communication between customers and drivers.

A reliable Transport Management System gives insight into every step of the supply chain, helps businesses highlight areas in need of improvement and reassure customers that their products arrive in their hands in the best condition.

The Transport Management System gives a business owner control over cargo as it moves in and out of their facilities, and helps with inventory management and order processing all of which will eventually help cut costs significantly.

Combining GPS technology and logistics management provides greater visibility for better dispatching and an improved driver and customer experience for cargo delivery.

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