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Are you thinking about changing from a manual fleet management to a digital one? There are many advantages to this that saves a lot of time, both to the fleet manager and the driver on the road.

A digital fleet management allows you to be always connected to your vehicles and your team on the road. You can know the position of the vehicles and how they are being used at any time to improve their performance. It also informs you about the traffic situation in real time, so that jobs can be assigned more intelligently. It helps you to comply with the rules of rest and work time, by recording all important data; all through an application for the computer or mobile, which you can access from anywhere and at any time.

Keeping an eye on your vehicles includes ensuring that they are only being used within working hours, for business and/or permitted purposes. Timesheets; time on and out of hour reports make this an easy task. These reports can be set up to be delivered automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to your email addresses.

A digital platform allows you to ensure vehicles aren’t being used after hours. For example, you can set up geofences around individual addresses, establish times when your vehicles must be in or out of these zones, and then receive real-time alerts if those rules are broken.

It is very important that you know the software you are using for the management of your fleet well. By having an expert, it will be possible to get the most out of this software.

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